Profractional - with or without PRP?

I am considering have ProFractional done for large pores, uneven skin tone, fine wrinkles and a few brown spots. While it will be done in a dermatologist's office (very reputable derm doctor), the actual procedure is being done by his aesthetics's staff and not by him. She told me the procedure could be performed with or without PRP. The cost difference being $500. My question is, is PRP really worth it????

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Fractional Lasers

I have seen great success and improvement in my client’s skin with fractional lasers. For the

newest and most effective cosmetic laser skin rejuvenation treatment, I combine fractional

lasers and laser peels to produce immediate improvement as well as continued improvement in

the age of your skin. This combined treatment provides the most effective wrinkle removal and

skin rejuvenation treatment.

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