Pearly penile papules treatment? (Photo)

I know i have ppp but i dont know who i should go to get treatment or how to find it. Ive searched the internet with no precise results. I am in Las Vegas, NV. Should i look for a dermatologist or a dermatologic surgeon?
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Penile Pearly Papules -- Co2 Laser and Desiccation

This can be treated with lasers or dessiccation. I suggest seeing a board certified cosmetic dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer.

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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How to Find Pearly Penile Papules Treatment? Dermatologists Can Remove PPP With Lasers

There are many board-certified dermatologists in Las Vegas who will be able to help you. You don't need a surgeon. PPP is removed with a CO2 laser. Call a few board-certified dermatologists and ask about their experience removing PPP with lasers to find someone with the most expertise.

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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