Medicaid Coverage for Breast Indentation?

I was a premature baby,i had a 50/50 chance of surviving,my lungs collapsed,at the time,surgeons cut open my right breast to stick tubes,so i can breathe.Ive have 2 deep indented scars,one on the right side of my breast,one under my right breast both on the same side.My left breast is bigger, 3 years ago, ive had pain on my right breast.will medicaid cover any surgery here, to fix my breast ?i just want it to look normal.will it be considered cosmetic or a medical necessity ?

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Medicaid coverage for breast indentation

The short answer is that there is a good chance they will not.  There is much reconstruction of the management of Medicaid at this time, which will vary from state to state.  Some states will have access through an arm of a private insurance, so preauthorization consideration may have some variability.  I understand your concern and I wish you the best. 

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