Will Liposuction under my butt make my butt sag? (photo)

I've always wanted Lipo under my butt but I heard it will make my butt sag is this true? Also can you make a nice fold under my butt.I don't really have one and I feel like it looks like my butt is connected with the back of my thighs.

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Will Liposuction Under the Butt Make my Butt Sag?

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Yes, if it is not done right.  First, it should be limited, for the picture shown. Second it should be only superficial so that a column of supporting fat below the crease remains to support the buttock. Third, liposuction should not be done across the crease, just above if needed, and below, as needed. Less is more in these situations and the treatment for a sagging buttock or deflated buttock crease is fat grafting to the area. Better to avoid the problem in the first place.

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Buttock sagg after thigh lipo

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Hi, thanks for your question and photos. 

You appear to be an excellent candidate for lipo sculpture to the areas of concern you have highlighted. The upper thigh/ bannana roll area IS important for buttock support and needs to be respected. Re shaping the buttocks is a specialised field of lipo sculpture and often involves fat grafting. 

I would suggest a moderate amount of medial/ inner posterior thigh liposuction going as high as the "ideal" crease location. I would also remove fat from the medial aspect of the lower buttock above the desired crease position. Only minimal liposuction to the middle and lateral/ outer bannana roll area (I use a particular instrument and technique in this area to prevent problems such as collapse/ indentations/ asymmetry etc). To improve the definition of your fold (crease) I would suggest careful removal of fat from the upper buttock/ lower back area together with fat grafting into the mid and lower buttock area which will serve to increase the projection of your buttocks over the fold and maintain the rounded shape to the buttocks desired by many women. Liposuction to the bannana roll area can result in unwanted apparent lengthening and sometimes flattening of the buttocks (giving a more aged appearance) which is what the above procedures are designed to oppose. 

A careful discussion with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon is critical before embarking on your planned surgery. Ask to see the surgeon's before and after photo gallery and if in any doubt get a second opinion. You'll be in good hands. 

Banana Roll treatment

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You may consider treating the banana roll area with Coolsculpting.  I have had success with it in this region without the risk of making your buttocks sag.  Your fold appears youthful, with time it will extend out to the sides... and you will likely wish that it didn't,  as this makes a buttocks appear more saggy and older. Hope this helps and best wishes. 

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Buttock definition

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You are right that removing the fat below the buttock can make it sag - this fat provides support for the buttock tissue.
If there is too much fat - the upper thigh very carefully reduced with liposuction.
A crease can often be created by liposuction alone but it is less predictable. 
Depending on the look you want, creating a surgical crease can be better. Best wishes.

I would be careful about liposuction of the lower buttock area

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I don't see any significant problems in the one photograph provided. One would not want to substitute loose skin for small amount of surplus fat.


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Careful liposuction of the lower gluteal crease can improve its appearance.  If done properly this can enhance the appearance of your buttocks.  

Will Liposuction under my butt make my butt sag?

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   Liposuction of the posterior thigh and the creation of a better crease requires an expert.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Liposuction Under Buttock

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You look like a good candidate for high definition liposuction to this area, conservatively with Cellulaze treatment to a few cellulite areas under the buttock.  You have an excellent body and great skin elasticity you are a prime candidate.  Followed with the surgery, Velashape III treatments would be great to tighten and lift the area.  Id love to see you on a skype consult or in person and plan something for you.  You have to go to someone with a lot of experience, who specializes specifically in this area.  Let us know if we can help. 
Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Liposuction under the Butt | What Results to Expect

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Thank you for your question and a picture.

You appear to have healthy skin with good elasticity.

Conservative, focused liposuction for the "banana roll" at the top part of the posterior thigh can improve contour in this area.  If you get too much done, then yes, it can make the lower butt crease sag over and make your butt look older than you want it too.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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