Is the left breast scaring acceptable? I am also concerned the left breast implant will not settle like my right one. (photo)

Augmentation was 6 months ago for both breasts. The left breast got the lift. My left was tubular and constricted. I love my PS who has been supportive and tells me I need to wait for a year to know the outcome. I am interested in what you see and any suggestions

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Time is needed

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as your surgeon suggests and it sounds like he is accepting of any criticisms when your year had gone by.  Scarring cannot be predicted and is even more unpredictable with circumareolar lifts.  Focus on healing, get some information from other surgeons here, and plan to discuss your concerns at your one year follow-up.

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Thank you for your question and photos.  It appears that your nipple scarring a revision.  If you are comfortable with your current surgeon, I would follow his or her advice and wait until the designated time to consider a revision.

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Timing of revision

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The scarring around your left areolae is certainly not ideal and would likely be improved by a revision.  It is good to hear that you love your surgeon - it is always best to work with your surgeon to get the results you desire.  As far as the timing of the revision goes - I would also leave this up to your operating surgeon as every surgeon has his or her own opinion regarding the appropriate timing of revisions.

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I agree, stick with your PS, and stick with the plan.  Your look real nice, overall, though.  Here is another suggestion for bad scarring.  The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published an article several years ago on the effectiveness of silicone sheeting versus creams versus herbal treatments for scars. The solid, silicone gel sheeting came out on top, by far. We use the sheeting from local drugstores, but you can go on line and search for silicone gel sheeting for scars. Keep reusing it, forever, don’t throw it away each day.Despite claims that additives to the sheeting improve results, there is no good, controlled scientific evidence to support this claim.Keep in mind you could possibly have a bad scar, so when you pick the location of you incision, you might want to keep this in mind. See the video below. It is the pressure of the sheet that flattens and fades the scar. So I would purchase the least expensive product. All the best, “Dr. Joe”

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