I have Ulnar Tunnel but I want BBL. Am I putting my life in danger?

I was diagnosed with Ulnar Tunnel, numbness in both ring and pinky fingers. I want to have a BBL in November. Am I putting my life in danger?

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Can ulnar tunnel patients get a BBL?

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In our practice, we have performed BBL's on a wide variety of patients. This procedure can safely be done in the patient with a medical condition as long as medical condition is well understood and very well controlled. Ulnar tunnel syndrome is a type of compression to your ulnar nerve that can create the results that you described. Patients with the syndrome can safely receive a BBL if a thorogh medical clearance is performed beforehand and if great care is taken to have been elbow and arms during the procedure and to control the amount of swelling afterwards. In our practice, we routinely turned the patient during surgery 360° to collect the maximum amount of fat and to create a natural result while fat grafting. In our OR, we use gel and foam padding throughout all extremities and have redesigned the foam padding on the operating room tables to ensure patient comfort and safety. Make sure that you have a discussion with your plastic surgeon before hand and review his or her plan to avoid compression on your arms throughout the procedure and understand afterwards what he or she will do to minimize the amount of swelling you will have afterwards.


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Ulnar tunnel syndrome does not increase the risks from surgery.  You will likely have temporary worsening of your finger numbness during the recovery period, but no long term risks.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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I have Ulnar Tunnel but I want BBL. Am I putting my life in danger?

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Ulnar tunnel syndrome is not life threatening. You need to make sure that you see a hand doctor to follow the ulnar tunnel syndrome and that this is being treated appropriately. Things that can affect this during your BBL is swelling. Swelling can make the symptoms worse temporarily and positioning on the operating room table. It is part of our normal routine in the OR to make sure that all extremities are padding appropriately.

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