I have a ton of sun damage on my arms and legs. What are my best options for removal? (Photo)

Ive been trying to lighten and remove these spots for years. So far ipl did nothing for me. Ive done 2 Cutera Excel treatments and I got some darkening and flaking off of spots but a couple weeks later they looked exactly the same before each treatment. Ive tried lightening creams, even a peel. No improvement. Im so self conscious about them I don't wear shorts or tanks and I live in the desert so its hard. What are my other options?

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Q-switched lasers for Sun Damage

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Hi Lucky.  We have heard this same story many times from our patients.  We are not clear as to why IPL is offered as it is not the right technology for removing this type of sun damage.  These spots can be very resistant to treatment but they are easily removed with q-switched Nd:Yg lasers in the hands of a competent nurse or physician.  

To see an example of leg spots before and after ONE q-switched laser treatment, click on the before and after photos at the link below.

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