I am on my fourth day post op. My breast still feel extremely heavy almost like they are being pulled down .

I am having a hard time walking straight. Is this normal for the 4th day after surgery?

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Heavy breasts feeling

The breasts might feel heavy the first few days or weeks due to the excessive swelling. It is a matter of patience and good aftercare in order to feel them lighter. It also depends on the volume of your implant and if it was placed over or under the muscle.

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A heavy feeling can be normal in the early stages of healing.

At 4 days after breast augmentation, you and your body are still adjusting to the weight of the breast implants and you are likely still experiencing some swelling. Your skin and tissue may need up to 6 months to completely adjust to the breast implants and allow the implants to soften and settle into the pocket prepared by your plastic surgeon. Give your body some time to heal and your mind some time to get used to your new breasts. If you’re still worried later, talk with your plastic surgeon about your concerns at a follow-up appointment.

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Post Op Concerns

Swelling, pressure and pain are expected in the breasts and chest area post BBA however this should not have any effect on your ability to walk. Please contact your Plastic Surgeon if you have concerns about your recovery. All the best

Breast heaviness after Breast Augmentation

Hi Yakelind,Thanks for your question. Heaviness is common after a breast augmentation especially the bigger ones goes in terms of size or cc's in a Implants. Sometimes it takes weeks before you body gets used to the implants and you think of them as part your body and not something that is foreign or not yours. It will improve but seek recommendations from you plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

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I am on my fourth day post op. My breast still feel extremely heavy almost like they are being pulled down .

Thank you for your question. It is still very early in your recovery. Swelling and heaviness is normal. If you are concerned, please speak with your chosen surgeon. Regards, 

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4 days post BAM with heavy feeling in breasts

HI yakelind,  The heaviness that you are experiencing is not too abnormal at this stage in your recovery. You might try resting your arms on a few pillows when you are sitting down or sleeping. You could also ice the breast a bit, if you did not have a lift and if this sis OK with your surgeon. If the breasts are getting bigger, you should go back in for an office visit with your surgeon.Best,Dr. Christine Rodgers

I am on my fourth day post op. My breast still feel extremely heavy almost like they are being pulled down .

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery.  It is very common to have this sensation in the first few weeks after a breast augmentation.  In addition to the weight of your implants your breast skin and tissues are holding on to extra water weight as a result of the surgical dissection.  I know waiting is difficult but allow your results more time to mature, you should start seeing steady improvement.

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