Mole Removal: How is a typical shave done and how long does it take to heal? (Photos)

I recently had a mole removed for biopsy and it left a deep wound 3-4 times the size of the mole!

Does this look like a typical shave for facial mole removal? They said it was going to be a simple "shave" procedure. But this does not look like any of the pictures I've seen online for mole removal. PLEASE give me your expert advice and/or comments? I've been nauseous and cried myself to sleep after I finally took off the bandaid last night and saw this. I feel like it was done maliciously to scar me for life...the area dug out is three times bigger than the mole can this be normal?!

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Mole removal

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it usually takes abotut 1-2 weeks for a mole removal to heal. But then scar remodeling takes place for a few months. I usually see my patients 3 months after to ensure proper healing. 

The scar is in an area that is very amenable to scar revision treatment with a laser for example. If you are not happy with the appearance of your scar, see your doctor after a few months to ensure complete healing and discuss options for further treatment. 

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