I went to the dentist for extreme pain on my front crown but the tooth next to it is hurting.

the doctor said the toot i'm complaing about doesn't have a nerve and had a root canal years ago already . both teeth are crowns.

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Referred pain...#DrSoftTouch

I see this quite often. A patient will come complaining about pain coming from one tooth, and after a through exam and x-rays, I conclude that the source of pain is actually from another tooth altogether. This phenomenon is called referred pain. Treatment of the infected tooth is the only way to stop the referred pain. I hope this helps and follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.  

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Pain, rootcanal


Sorry about the pain.  There are three reasons for the possible pain you are having:

1.  Improper bite

2. Infection

3. Trauma from recent work.

Its best to get an X-ray and have nerve test done on the tooth that hurts and make sure the bite is ok on the recent crown.


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