I am 68 and interested in surgery for Gynecomastia. This is in conjunction with some 45lb weight loss a couple years ago.

I am 5'5" 143 and my previous TT healed nicely. One Dr feels I will have some loose skin. Is there a way to raise my areoles and tighten the skin so my boobs don't look too saggy. I had a TT about 20 months ago and everything went well. I am afraid I might end up with something looking like a couple hound ears hanging off my chest. My other concern is I also have 2 torn rotor cuffs from a couple skiing accidents in the past 3 years, exercise is minimal. I do the eliptical 5 days a week.

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Do not cut any skin on your first go

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It is amazing how well the redundant skin will shrink back up following removal of the chest soft tissues; I would definitely not cut on your skin at first; please see example below; all of the skin resolved within one month; After one month, you can have skin trimming if it is not to your liking; this can be don in the office as your chest will be numb for several months.

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Thank you for the photos.
Your concerns are valid.  Your case should be tackled conservatively without committing to larger incisions than you may need.  I approach cases like this by first removing fat and gland without repositioning the areola.  The skin WILL tighten in 3 to 6 months.  To what degree is uncertain, but in some cases it may contract enough to not need a "lift".  Only after we know how well you tighten and where that areola will end up would we consider any skin excision or areolar repositioning.  You must see an experienced gynecomastia surgeon.

Tim Neavin, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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After a weight lose ,and in you age group you have to chose smartly

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How should I choose a surgeon? Selecting a surgeon is as important a choice as the decision to undergo surgery. More so in your age groupe.
Choose carefully only a board certified PLASTIC SURGEON. The decision is yours. What follows is some advice to assist in making your selection. 1. Experience matters. Choosing a surgeon who has performed over one thousand gynecomastia cases increases the likelihood that they have seen a case similar to yours in the past. Selecting a surgeon whose practice is focused on gynecomastia exclusively is also an indicator of experience. 2. Results matter. The more before-and-after pictures a surgeon displays, the better. Pay attention not just to the number of pictures, but whether the surgeon is confident enough to show multiple angles of the same patient. 3. Gynecomastia surgery Reviews matter. Have patients reviewed your surgeon? Did those patients undergo the surgery you are considering? 4. Expertise matters. Is your surgeon recognized by the profession as an authority in the field? Are they certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Have they authored books or medical journal articles regarding your surgery?

Mordcai Blau, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Reducing Breast Size After Weight Loss in Males Over Age 50

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According to official statistics, 36% of adult young men and 57% of older #adult men in the United States have this medical condition in one of the four grades. About 200,000 to 3 million cases of #gynecomastia are being reported every single year. So if you have #breast #enlargement and you feel you're an exception, please understand that 1 in 3 young adult #men and 1 in 2 older adult men are just like you and have breast enlargement.  Several common factors can cause gynecomastia including excessive levels of #estrogen, natural #hormone changes, use of recreational drugs or alcohol, medications and their associated side effects, and, various health conditions. Also, there are different types of #gynecomastia. There are three types of surgical #treatment #options available that treat gynecomastia. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will recommend the type best suited for you. The most important decision to be made before performing any surgical procedure is determining whether you are an ideal #candidate.The treatment of #older men with #gynecomastia still follows basic surgical guidelines and principles. First, the patient must be in generally good health. There is no defined upper age limit for gynecomastia surgery. However, medical issues, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. must be under control prior to surgery. In older men the main difference in the surgery compared with younger men has to do with their skin tone and nipple position. As we get older, we lose #elastin in our skin which leads to decreased tone. Therefore, in certain cases, the gynecomastia surgery in older men will also need to address the loosened skin and possibly #repositioning of the nipple and areola. This will allow for the most ideal contour and a patient who is happy with their results.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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I am 68 and interested in surgery for Gynecomastia. This is in conjunction with some 45lb weight loss a couple years ago.

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Thank you for your question.

You are a good candidate for Gynecomastia surgery. It is quite likely that you will not need skin excision, based on your photographs. It may take a while for the skin to settle down but you should have a good result. In any case, if there is some skin laxity, it is preferable to the long scars that would be required to remove the extra skin. 

All The Best !

Ajaya Kashyap, MD
India Plastic Surgeon
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 Very difficult question to answer online. Make sure you were visiting with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Even with that he or she will not be able to give you a complete and accurate answer. Chances are there will be a significant improvement although no one is going to guarantee a 100% result. Even in an adult the skin will shrink significantly and the important thing is a realistic appraisal from that surgeon. Sorry I can't be more specific. 

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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