Can you help me get rid of this? Is there anything that can make it go away? Do I need to see a doctor? Is it permanent? (Photo)

So my knees are dark I want to get a something that peels off ur dark skin so I got the TCA 100% I use it then when I was done putting it on my skin I felt my skin burning really bad it started to frost white I timed it for 3mins I couldn't take the pain so I got a towel with cold water started rubbing it cause I was in pain it turned brownish purplish color I tried rubbing, scratching to see if it would go away it didn't I didn't diluted I didn't know at time this is my first time using this.

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Do not do a TCA peel at home, 100% is an extremely high concentration. This type of peel needs an expert with the proper technique and skill. You should see an expert for evaluation and further treatment. Best, Dr. Emer

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