Gap between breast expanders?

My expanders are at about 300 cc per side. They seem to be very far apart and my chest bone in the center seems to make a large looking gap. one expander is kind of resting in my armpit. I am worried when I exchange for implants that they will be far apart and the one implant put in my armpit will always be like that. They keep tellling me no. And That during the exchange the implants will not be in my armpit and my breasts will be closer. Should I be worried my breasts will be far apart?

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Concerns over expander position are warranted

and when you have them exchanged, make sure your surgeon understands your goals and can acknowledge that they will be closer and not falling into your armpits.  More technical things are needed in your situation than a simple exchange of implant for expander.  Communicate and if your not clear about what your surgeon is saying, make it clear before you have your procedure.

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