Full Face Fat Graft After Years of Radiesse and HA Fillers?

I had arguably the worst tear trough lines and facial fat loss of anyone in their 20's. Since I have been using fillers I have had great results in my cheeks with contouring. I still have the tear trough lines (not nearly as deep thx to juvederm) and would benefit from more volume overall. Because of years of product build up, is it possible to have a successful fat transfer? I've been told that I have to let ALL the product dissolve prior to the graft. That is VERY upsetting, any other options?

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Fat transfer after fillers

Patients that undergo repeated fillers (such as Juvederm or Restylane) to certain parts of the face are also candidates for facial fat grafting. Fat grafting is a great option for those that require large amounts of volume or wish to have a longer-lasting result. 

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Facial Fat Injections After Synthetic Fillers

You can certainly have fat injections placed into facial areas that have had synthetic fillers placed. You do not have to wait until all the fillers are completely absorbed, you just don't want to do it in the immediate period afterwards so the amount of fat grafting is not underdone.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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As long as volume deficiency is present....

As long as volume deficiency is present, then fat grafting is okay, even if you have had prior fillers. You do need to understand that if you have residual fillers, that over time, as they resorb, you may need additional fat grafting.

Obviously if you have just had fillers, your face will likely not need additional volume, so it would be inappropriate to do additional fat grafting at that time.


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Fat transfer after fillers?

Fat transfer can be performed even if you have fillers present as long as you are candidate for it and have facial hollow areas that would benefit from fat transfer.  In face, many patients start with fillers and later on they move to fat.  So in short, the presence of facial synthetic fillers is not a contraindication for having facial fat transfer.

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Full Face Fat Graft After Years of Radiesse and HA Fillers?

    Many patients have a history of fillers prior to facial fat grafting.   You should be fine to have fat grafting to multiple areas.  If you are completely full after a filler session, that would be an inappropriate time to have fat grafting.  However, if you have several areas of volume loss with only a history of fillers, fat grafting is appropriate.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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