Why aren't my eyes even? (photo)

Is there anyway to fix them

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Even eyes

It is difficult to evaluate your eyelid assymetry without an in person consult. Dynamic study of your eyelid function is necessary. 

In my opinion you may have perfectly normal assymetry that exists in most people. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon for  a more definitive decision. 

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Your left upper eyelid is very slightly ptotic compared to your right side.  The problem with attempting to improve the situation is that some of the difference may be compensatory, and any corrective surgery could result in a different but definite new asymmetry.  An in person examination is required to evaluate all the components of your asymmetry, and a very frank discussion regarding realistic expectations is mandatory.  

Michael F. McGuire, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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It appears that more of your upper eyelid is visible on the left than the right, but without being able to see your head/chin position or your eyebrows, it is difficult to tell you why, as those factors can contribute to asymmetry in the face and eyelids. Many people have slight asymmetries, depending on how significant the differences are, they can be corrected but first the underlying cause would have to be identified. I would suggest seeing an oculoplastic surgeon for further evaluation.

Mahsa Sohrab, MD
New Haven Oculoplastic Surgeon

You did not give us your eyebrows in these photos.

You have mild bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.  There is evidence of compensatory eyebrow elevation even though  your photo just do not give us all the information.  You need to have the ptosis repaired to allow the eyebrow relax.  I fix issues routinely where other surgeons do not recommend surgery because they lack the surgical experience needed to do this work.  Study my attached video.  This is a service that people travel from all over the world to see me for.  It all starts with a personal consultation. 

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Why aren't my eyes even?

Nobody has perfectly symmetrical eyelids, so therefore asymmetry is the norm. Slightly asymmetrical surgery can  help adjust the eyelids to make them look more symmetrical, but they still  won't be perfect. A thorough examination of the eyelids at rest taking in account of the level of the eyebrows is required before making any determination about a surgical procedure to make the eyelids look more symmetrical

William Portuese, MD
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