I had triplets a year and a half ago. Would venus freeze be a good treatment for my loose skin? (Photo)

I Ive had 3 consultations with doctors in regards to the leftover skin on my stomach.i don't want to have a tummy tuck if I don't need to because that would require me to not being able to lift my toddlers. I was told by two surgeons that the Venus freeze is a perfect option for me what do you think?i thank you in advance .Im pretty confident that I have a 6 pack under the skin because I'm very active.

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Can Venus Freeze help my stomach after 3 kids.

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Hi Ann Marie, thank you for your question. It is always best to have an in person consultation with a Venus Freeze specialist in order to tell how your skin tone and elasticity is after children; however, judging by your photos, you look like you would be a great candidate for the treatment. Venus Freeze is a good way to tighten up minimal loose skin  on the abdomen for non-tummy tuck candidates who don't have all that excess tissue.  Best of luck to you! "Dr. Joe".

Venus Freeze to stomach

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You look great for having triplets! Venus Freeze is great for people who are reasonably fit, but just need some smoothing and tightening. Thus, yes, you are a good candidate. While ultimately you may want to undergo a tummy tuck for a permanent solution in years to come, Venus Freeze will help you a lot and will have no downtime, so you can enjoy your babies.

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Best Non-Invasive Treatment for Tightening the Skin of Tummy of Mother of Triplets (or Anyone for That Matter)

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Hi Annmarie,

Yes, you are the perfect candidate for Venus Freeze skin tightening.  Check out the referenced video in which I state in the opening sentence why our practice got Venus Freeze and why so many of our patients are so pleased with the treatment.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Thermage Body or a Mini Tummy Tuck

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Congratulations on looking great after triplets!   You don't seem to have that much excess skin and it seems to be concentrated on the lower abdomen.  You may consider Thermage body treatment which uses RF to tighten and thicken the skin in this area.   The results can be considerable tightening with little to no downtime.  

On the other hand you could consider a mini tummy tuck in which the skin below the belly button in tightened.  The abdominal wall is not internally tightened and recovery is much faster due to the small amount of dissection.  Most patients return to work in a few days.  

While your pictures tell a good story, there is no substitute for a physical examination and consultation.  

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