Is Co2 Dot Laser or Dermapen ok for sensitive skin prone to broken capillaries?

I am 34 and considering the Smart Dot Co2 Laser or possibly the Dermapen to correct sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and orange peel skin. I have mild Rosacea ( more the flushing, broken capillaries, and thin skin). Can the heat and trauma from the laser cause more broken capillaries or exacerbate sensitive skin? Could needling the skin also cause this?

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Resurfacing for rosacea-prone skin

If you have rosacea and you undergo resurfacing, you can still receive the same benefit of wrinkle and texture improvement, but you may have temporary worse redness.  In our practice, we either treat the redness and telangiectasias from rosacea immediately before doing the laser resurfacing or we would consider additional treatment as needed a month or two after resurfacing for telangiectasias or redness.  We use either IPL, Corium 532nm, or pulsed-dye lasers for these treatments.

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