Capsular contracture, risk to my health? Or it's an aesthetic complication?

I had a breast augmentation surgery 4 years ago, I think one of my breasts encapsulated in the bottom part since the skin there looks a little tight, this doesn't cause me any pain or bother me. My question is, is this a medical complication that poses a risk to my health and I should take steps right away? Or is it an aesthetic complication and I could wait until I change implants in the future?

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Contractures are not harmful

to you but they can certainly make your breast appearances funky at time.  Best to see your surgeon to see if anything may need to be done or if its something you can simply watch over time.  

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Capsular Contracture

Thank you for your questions. Capsular contracture occurs with varying degrees of severity and can be associated with excessive firmness, visible deformity and pain. In some cases increased scar tissue can be associated with a leaking silicone gel implant. I recommend an evaluation by your surgeon to settle the issue of whether anything needs to be done. 

David S. Motoki, MD
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Effect of capsular contracture on health

Often an implant rupture and capsular contracture go hand in hand.  It is much better health wise to have a ruptured implant replaced.  
Capsular contracture can also cause painful tightening of the implants, and deformation of the breast.
Minor tightening of the capsule with no leakage of the implants is primarily a cosmetic issue.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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