Should I call my doctor?

I had a breast augmentation ( 425 cc high profile silicone gel ) on 6/13 and my left feels fine but my right is higher, swollen, and it burns really badly when touched/I do my massages.

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One breast hurts more than the other post-op - should you be concerned?

Although some difference in pain between the breasts can be normal, the other things you point out (higher, more swollen) can be a sign of an early complication - I would suggest seeing your surgeon immediately.

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Should I call my doctor?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your symptoms.  Without a full series of photographs or knowing how your recovery has gone, the best advice would be to see your surgeon for an in-person evaluation.  They can provide you with reassurance or discuss any issues that may be encountered.  Hope this helps.

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Should you call your doctor?

Yes, since you are experiencing a great amount of discomfort, always best to check in with your operating surgeon so you can be properly evaluated in person.

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Should I call my doctor?

I sorry to hear about your concerns; generally speaking, significant asymmetry and/or discomfort in your stage in the recovery process may be a sign of a complication. Therefore best to let your plastic surgeon know of your situation ASAP. Best wishes.

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Should I call my doctor after breast augmentation?

Yes, by all means call your doctor for an examination. Based on your history your doctor will want to see you to rule out a hematoma or bleeding.  Please call your doctor now and do not delay.

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