What breast augmentation will be best for me? (photos)

I'm 24 years of age and have two children. I've breastfeed with my right more than my left so I'm thinking that's the reason the areola is bigger than the left. I'm an A cup in size, 5'3 and weight 156 lbs. Would I also have to lose weight to get a breast augmentation?

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What type of breast augmentation is best for me.

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You should be seen in person for the best advice. I don't believe you need to lose weight.  Two possible  options are breast augmentation or breast augmentation with circumareolar reduction (since your areolas are large and of different sizes).  You have significant differences between the two breasts and they may need different size implants.  All these questions are best addressed during a consultation. Best wishes.

Candidate for a breast augmentation

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Far more important than the technique is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Choose your surgeon rather than the technique and let them explain why one technique may be better than another.
See the below link on some suggestions on finding the most qualified Plastic Surgeon for a breast augmentation.

Any women desiring breast augmentation surgery is a candidate as long as there are no health problems present which would preclude her from having surgery. If the desired goal is to enhance or restore size and shape or to improve asymmetry, breast augmentation is a viable option. Breast augmentation can improve a body image, self-esteem, self-concept, and quality of life.
Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation
  • Desire larger, shapelier breasts.
  • Moderate degree of breast sag and smaller breasts, whose problem can be solved by enlargement.
  • One breast that is noticeably smaller or is positioned differently than the other (asymmetry).
  • Uneven chest wall or rib cage.
  • Women requiring breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.
  • Restore breast volume or shape following pregnancy, breast feeding and/or weight loss.

My breasts are different, what breast augmentation is best for me?

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Hello, you have what is called a "tuberous breast" on the right side. This is a congenital issue that you are born with that has some specific characteristics. Some people have 2 tuberous breasts, other people like yourself, only have one. This creates a significant asymmetry between your 2 breasts. You will definitely require a mastopexy (breast lift) on the right side. Due to your significant asymmetry, your breasts cannot be made to look the same, although significant improvement is possible. On the left you only require a breast augmentation. For more specific recommendations for your particular situation, you would need to be examined in person and the options and expected results would be discussed.

Breast asymmetry

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you demonstrate breast asymmetry which includes breast mound shape, size, and position as well as nipple areola shape, size, and position. All of these issues can be corrected with a simultaneous breast lift and augmentation. Please see examples below and take advantage of our current implant special.

What procedure should I have done?

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Hi and thanks for the question. In order to get a nice result you will probably have two different implants placed as well as a lift of the right areola. The lift would involve a scar that goes all the way around the areola. Your surgeon can use this approach to make the areola smaller which will give you better balance with your breasts. You might also decide to have the left areola size made smaller at the same time. Smaller areolas on both sides might give you a result you like more. Good luck. 

Dr J

Breast Augmentation

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You do have a number of options and there is not one "correct" approach.  A breast augmentation alone will not address your areolar asymmetry.  A breast augmentation with circumareolar reduction would you give a nice result with improved symmetry.  If you are planning to lose a more significant amount of weight (say 15-20 pounds or more) then I would do this first, although you do not need to lose weight to have a nice result.  It is important to have a stable weight going into a breast procedure because this can effect your ultimate outcome. Meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon and they can discuss your options.  Take care.

Timothy A. Janiga MD, FACS

Options for breast augmentation with constricted lower pole

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Your breasts show more asymmetry than just the areoales being different sizes - the left breast has a very tight, or constricted fold, and that is contributing to the areola being lower on the right.  Your options, in my opinion, are also dependent on your plans for further children, weight loss, etc.  While you certainly don't NEED to lose weight for a breast aug, if you are planning on losing over twenty pounds, that would affect your choices for augmentation.  I would recommend an in person consultation with several surgeons in the Las Vegas area who do not charge for consults - this way you can explore your options and decide for yourself what is best in your situation, without incurring a big expense.

There is no best augmentation

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and you should invest in a consultation to discuss your options fully.  Much of what is recommended is what goals you have and if you need perfection, you can anticipate needing a lift/reduction and possibly different sized implants.  Your surgeon should be able to help you visualize what results you will achieve so see a surgeon or better, see a couple of surgeons to see if the recommendations match.

Breast implants and areola reduction

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Thank you for your question and photos.

Breast implants will add volume to your breast. At our clinic, we use silicone sizers and 3D imaging to help yiu choose the perfect size implant for you.

An areola reduction will reduce the size of the areola and give a small lift as well. 

I hope this helps.

- Dr. Bryson Richards (Board Certified Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

What method of breast augmentation is bedt

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You do have asymmetry and a wider space between your breast but are certainly a candidate for breast augmentation with a right side areolar reduction. You should schedule a consultantation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you and help you choose the right size and type of implants and technique.

i wish you well

Dr. Edwards

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