BA over the muscle six months ago not happy they seem really uneven and droopy what can I do? (photo)

I got a BA six months ago over the muscle I was uneven before but now I feel like I have the same issue but bigger boob which was not the reason I went in. Is the common with breast augmentation what can I do?

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When breasts are uneven before augmentation

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there is a very good chance they will still be uneven after surgery.  But this is where my patients have are counseled that I aim to have level upper poles and this could mean nipples are not level and the folds are not level as the upper poles are what the world sees when you wear a tube top or tank top/no bra.  Nipples can be adjusted if needed with simple office procedures.  You have an obvious asymmetry and you should discuss your concerns for what can be done to fix this with your surgeon and to ensure you don't have a capsular contracture on your higher side.

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BA over the muscle six months ago not happy they seem really uneven and droopy what can I do?

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I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with your breast augmentation surgery.  The problem with asymmetry is that asymmetry becomes much more obvious when the breasts are enlarged.

The solution would be to lift the right lower rest to match the left breast which is the most common way to address significant breast asymmetry with breast implants. I would encourage you to see her plastic surgeon and discuss a lift of the right breast.

Please read the link below about breast asymmetry:

Breast Augmentation over the muscle six months ago not happy they seem really uneven and droopy what can I do?

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Breast augmentation will not even out uneven breasts. If you had asymmetry prior to surgery, you will continue to have asymmetry after the placement of breast implants regardless of pocket - over or under the muscles. If you want your nipple positions to be more symmetric, then you could consider a small breast lift on the "droopy" side. Thank you for sharing your photos and concerns. Best wishes. Dr. Gregory Park, San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Gregory Park, MD
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Breast Asymmetry

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Some asymmetry is expected after surgery as most patients do have some asymmetry of their breasts before surgery.  In your case it is apparent that the one side needs a lift or perhaps needed a lift before surgery.

At this point you are far enough out from your surgery that things will not really improve or change for the better.  Revision surgery which would involved a lift on the drooping side is what would be necessary.

Hope that helps.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your question Rebecca. Asymmetry is completely normal, but in your case I do see more volume and some more aggressive sagging on the one side. I suggest you post and review your photos from before surgery and also let us know are these implants the same size? At this point, you should return to your plastic surgeon and ask about revision surgery. You may be looking at a breast lift on the saggier side or both depending on your goals. I suspect you still did not want a breast lift in the first place and that's why together, you and your surgeon, chose to go above the muscles. Speak with your surgeon about this and good luck! Dr. Aldo :)

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Breast asymmetry

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The most common cause of post-op asymmetry is pre-op asymmetry. Breast augmentation will not cancel out asymmetry of the nipple/areolar complex to this degree. In this case, the asymmetry is best addressed by breast lifting procedures on the right breast. 

You will need another surgery

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If you not happy with the results then you will need another surgery to correct the asymmetry.  Please review the before/after photos of the surgeon (make sure they show you at least three views - front, quarter turn and profile - from each patient) involving revision surgery to see if you like the results.

Andre Aboolian, MD
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Uneven before and after surgery.

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From your pictures, you still have significant asymmetry, that will require reoperation to improve. Without seeing your preoperative photos, it is difficult to say what might have been originally the ideal course of treatment. I seldom recommend placing implants over the muscle, as this disrupts alot of the blood supply to the breasts, and can limit treatment options later. Discuss your results with your surgeon to develop a plan for correction.

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