Will a allergy rash affect my areola incisions from healing nicely? (photos)

I developed a rash after steri strips where placed at my 3wk f/up. They where to stay on for 2 wks. 6 days later I contacted the dr who said to leave them on. 2 long days later they fell off on there areola incision areola incision w/ benelli left side. The rash I developed included some hives and blisters as well. I applied hypoallergenic paper tape over incisions and rash is going away now. I worry that my incisions not heal as nicely as if the rash didn't occur. Any words of encouragement?

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This will settle and you should not have any detrimental effect. This is relatively common. Often this occurs due to the friction with your bra / clothing or a reaction to dressings / tape or a combination of these. Occasionally I recommend patients to remove the bra / support. I tend to recommend using mild steroid cream and sometimes advise oral antihistamines. I have never seen a problem long term once this settles.I would make sure you take the advice of your PS and would ask his/her advice before considering treating this yourself.

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