How do I advise my new dentist that she made a serious mistake with a crown placement?

My dentist placed a "pre-molar crown" on a lower "canine" tooth. It such an obvious error. I questioned its appearance, however there seemed to be somewhat of a brush off by the dentist. I was only able to see the cosmetic error at the office but when I looked in a mirror at home I saw why the tooth was much shorter than my incisors and/or the original tooth..... It was so shocking to me that the mistake was even made that I do not know how to approach the dentist. What should I do?

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Go back to your dentist for a follow up appointment

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You shouldn't hesitate to return to your dentist for a follow up appointment to address your concern.  If they insist that everything is ok and you remain unsatisfied, seek out another dentist to get a second opinion.  In my office, we often offer second opinions at no cost.

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I don't know how something like that could have happened, but i would definitely go back and see your dentist. Tell her what you see and compare it to the same tooth on the other side as to what it should look like. She either has a very good reason for it or she made a mistake and should replace it for you at no additional charge. If you do not get satisfaction, I would get another opinion. If you are vindicated, then you can approach the dentist about refunding your money so you can have it redone elsewhere. If this does not go anywhere, you can contact your local county dental society to see if they have a peer review committee that mediate for you.

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I would recommend speaking to your dentist about this.  I have never heard of this happening to a patient, so if this really happened, I would say that this is pretty bizarre.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
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