How much weight should I loose for my BBL in order to have an end result of wish pic? (photos)

5-8 220lbs and on my weight loss journey. I am first getting a bbl and after breast lift with implants later. My wish pic is of a transgender woman who is 5'8 140lbs again I am 5-8 220 now and on a diet and excersize plan that is allowing me to lose 10 lbs every 2 1/2 weeks. I will continue to lose weight, excersize and waist train to get best end (but never ending being healthy is a lifestyle) results. How much should I loose?

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How much weight should I loose for my BBL in order to have an end result of wish pic?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... I recommend you to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that can help you to achieve your desired look. I have to say that you have the ideal body for this procedure, you dont have to loose much weight, you will look very nice!

Ideal weight and the problem with ideal pictures

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"Happiness is inversely proportional to the expectations"

I'm sorry to pop your bubble but you will never have a result similar to your wish pictures.

It's better to set your expectations realistic way from the beginning.

I highly recommend you continue your weight loss until you achieve an ideal body weight.

This should be based on a BMI of around 24 or less.

This means your bodyweight should be under 160 pounds.

My guess is the BMI of some of the women in your wish pictures it's probably well under 20.

This would equate to you having a body weight of closer to 120 to 130 pounds.

You already show some signs of skin laxity.

Where you to lose another 60 to 100 pounds you would have significant skin laxity.

At that point to get your best overall shape and contour you would need one or more aggressive skin removal procedures.

My best recommendation is you get to as close as your ideal body weight.

Then address which part of your body you want to improve the most.

Look for August before and after pictures of people who look similar to yourself in the before pictures.

This is best done by comparing actual pictures of yourself when looking at before and after pictures not looking at yourself in the mirror or what you believe you look like.

Your best bet is to have several consultations with several board-certified plastic surgeon's.

Once you choose the right doctor for you you can have ongoing meetings to address a long-term strategy.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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