Please See Pictures. Is This Normal? (photo)

It's not painful but looks awful... Is this normal? I only have it on my left breast.

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Not at all uncommon

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It appears that you have a temporary inflammation of the lymphatic or vascular channels draining the surgical area which can happen occasionally after breast augmentation surgery.  It will completely resolve and may be helped along with an anti-inflammatory such as Advil and application of cold or heat to the area depending on how recent your surgery was performed.  Check with your plastic surgeon but don't worry. 

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Swelling in the fascia can create temporary tethering below the breast after breast augmentation.

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The picture demonstrates some bands due to tethering of the fascia below the breasts. This will improve as the swelling subsides and will completely go away.

Please See Pictures. Is This Normal?

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These are little clotted off veins, which are harmless. They will resolve on their own, though some feel more quickly with motrin and warmth. This are called Mondor's Disease, though it is not at all a disease.

All the best. 

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Agree with the other answers

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It is rare that this doesn't go away with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin. It does appear to be Mondor's disease and it is usually self limiting.


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Your photo represents Mondor's Disease. These are benign cord-like structures which are inflamed veins.  Usually they disappear in 2-3 weeks.  If they are symptomatic use can use Advil with ice or heat whichever feels better.

Mondor's cord

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It looks like from your photo that you have a Mondor's cord and these usually go away with anti-inflammatories and warm soaks.  Best to check with your surgeon.

Mondor's syndrome - no worries

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Moist heat compresses and some motrin or alleve and it will subside. It is a very common post op reaction after breats augmentation. 

Not common but can happen

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You have Mondor's vein which are superficial veins that have blood clots form in them (superficial thrombophlebitis). It is temporary and benign.  Treated with warm compresses and NSAID'S.

Check with your surgeon for his plan to treat.

Good luck!

Is this normal?

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It appears that you have some mild scar tissue that could be puckering the skin.  It is difficult to ascertain with the dressing in place in the photo.  Usually a bit of massage will relax this type of mild pucker.  Ask your surgeon to evaluate this at your next visit.  It should not effect your overall results.

Not to Worry; Mondor's Veins

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What your photograph nicely demonstrates is Mondor's veins;  a temporary/transient superficial thrombophlebitis ( inflammation of the veins) in the area).  The use of anti-inflammatories ( if okayed by your plastic surgeon), warm compresses and time is all that is required.

 Best wishes.

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