How many syringes of Voluma for cheek enhancement? (Photo)

I'm very interested in Voluma for my cheeks to add volume, definition and obtain an ogee curve. However, I'm hesitant because I don't know if it's worth it at 29 and I'm afraid my face will look fat and worse than it does now if I don't maintain the fillers. Can I get by with one syringe to achieve my desired look? Am I better off waiting a few years?

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Use Voluma to Build Up Cheekbones

To make a significant difference in your cheekbones, you would need about one syringe per cheek. Building up this area will not make your face look fat, but will give you more arched and elegant cheekbones. Voluma lasts about 18 months – 24 at the most. Once the Voluma has been metabolized, your face will resort to its baseline appearance. It will not look “worse” if you discontinue the fillers, it will just look like it does now. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist who has experience sculpting the face to get the best results.

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Thank you for your question. The degree of subtle lift depends on the patient's degree of a thin, tired-looking face who wishes to alter it into one that is vibrant and youthful. The hyaluronic acid will draw moisture to the area and support the aging skin that often loses volume because of a decrease in collagen production. I suggest that you move forward and consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon. The in-person consultation will determine the extent of your need and candidacy for Voluma injections.

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How much Voluma will be good for me?

Voluma is one of the newer hyaluronic acid injectable fillers from Allergan. It is indicated to give more volume to the cheek area. In older people who may have lost a lot volume in their face I have give given up to six syringes (1 cc per syringe) at a time with excellent results. Younger people generally need much less.I usually start with 2 syringes in almost all people or it simply does not add enough volume. Voluma also does a great job filling the tear trough which is the empty hollow beneath the eyes. Voluma is one of the longest lasting filling fillers with over 1/2 of the people still seeing a nice result at two years. It wears off gradually and will not make you any worse if you decide not to keep up with it. I generally use a blunt cannula for injection since it has less chance of complications and minimal pain. With this method bruising is quite rare. When properly injected it simply adds volume in the right places without making you look fat. Be sure to choose an experienced injector.

How many syringes of Voluma for cheek enhancement?

You may benefit from 1 syringe of voluma split between the two sides. Consult in person with an experienced and expert physician injector to understand your options. 

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Most patients in their 20's will need 1-2 syringes of voluma. It really depends on the patient and what they are looking for. I would seek out a facial plastic surgeon in your area and have a consult first. Good luck

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How Many Syringes Of Voluma For Cheek Enhancement?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  Voluma is an excellent product for cheek enhancement.  Beautiful and natural results can be achieved.  Based on your photo, I would suggest starting with one syringe.  Please keep in mind that you will see your final result in 2-3 weeks.  At that time, you can always add more product, if necessary, to achieve your desired result.  Please be sure to see an expert injector for an in-person consultation to fully discuss your goals and expectations in order to determine the best treatment plan.  Hope this helps and best wishes!  


It is difficult to say from looking at your picture if voluma would be appropriate at this time. You would need to consult with an experienced injector to get an opinion. Given your age and what I am able to see from your picture I would guess that it might be appropriate to wait or maybe one syringe would be enough. No you will not look worse once the filler wears off -you would look as you do now.

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Voluma compensates for normal volume loss in face

Hi gj1020.  You look great in this pic! An in person examination is key to determining whether you should proceed. Generally speaking, Voluma can be used at any age and will not make you look worse if you stop using it-you simply go to the point that you would have been had you not been injected.  With aging, our underlying bones and overlying soft tissue (fat, skin, connective tissue, etc) atrophies & ages.  The filler helps to camoflauge the volume loss that is occurring.  The asymmetry between the two sides of our face become more apparent as the soft tissue shrinks & sags, and Voluma is an effective way to compensate for this, support the lower eyelids from looking drawn downward, and lift sagging cheek tissue.  One syringe is a safe way to start but will likely not give you a long lasting improvement.  You can add additional syringes as needed/desired.  A provider with the designation of "expert injector" will have significant experience and can guide you further.  Best wishes!

Voluma and Cheekbones

Based on your photos I would recommend one syringe of Voluma for each cheekbone.  It should give you a subtle but beautiful lift.  Please consult an experienced injector for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Wait on Voluma

To be perfectly honest, you don't need Voluma at this point. Your cheeks are incredibly youthful and I don't think that Voluma will achieve your desired result. 


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