Do I have symmastia? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op and love my results but lately I've been worried about getting symastia. Is this early symastia? Thank you in advance.

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Your photos seem to show separation of the breast implant pockets, so you do not appear to have symmastia.  A physical exam is needed to confirms this.  As with all concerns that arise after surgery, it is best to ask your surgeon to examine you, as they are the one who knows the details of your surgery.  Best wishes.

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Do I have symmastia?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. The breasts may lose their elasticity and firmness which can be caused by different factors such as pregnancy, massive weight loss, lactation and aging. To reaffirm the breasts and restore the natural look your surgeon can perform a mastopexy or breast lift. A breast lift restores a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts. This not only can improve a patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions, but  also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably and attractively. By removing excess, stretched out skin, reshaping the breast tissue, and raising the nipple & areola into a more forward position, a cosmetic surgeon can create a more youthful breast contour. Stretched, large areolae can also be reduced during breast lift surgery, creating an overall better proportioned, natural looking breast, Actually the perkiness on a person or another, depends on patients skin and breast tissue… Breast augmentation surgery increases or restores breast size using silicone gel implants, saline implants or in some cases, fat transfer. One of the most popular and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation has a long and successful track record in satisfying women who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures.

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How to prevent symmastia

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You have excellent shaped breasts.  You also have good cleavage.  If you avoid push in type of bras especially the Victoria Secret bras as well as sports bras you should not have symmastia.  When bras push in the lateral pocket contracts over time while the inner pocket stretches.  This can lead to symmastia.  If you follow this advice you should not develop symmastia. 

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Do I have symmastia?

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thank you for the question and photos. It is difficult to answer your question without examining you. However, from reviewing your photo it doesn't appear that you do as you have two pockets and symmastia you would have one. It is best to be examined by your board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

Symmastia concerns

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While your implant pockets are not connected, you may want to prevent symmastia by avoiding bras that tend to push your breasts together, especially sport bras that compress, rather tan sport bras that provide support with separation.Choose bras that provide good separation to help prevent the development of symmastia.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. You appear to have very close cleavage but you do not appear to have synmastia.
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Symmastia occurs when one implant touched or connects with the implant on the other side at the middle. From your photos it appears as though you have defined cleavage. It does not seem like you have symmastia.

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