How are your implants suppose to drop when your supposed to wear your sports bra for 6 weeks? (photo)

I got the 410 MF natrelle teardrop implants in 375cc in both sides and got told i do not have to massage them because of the implant that i picked.

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410's soften with time

Hi, I understand your question. The 410's are unique. They are placed in a very precise pocket and they shouldn't move post-op (or else they can rotate and shift.) So your bra is good, as it keeps the implants in place as the capsule develops. While the implants don't technically "drop," the tissue over the implant does relax and soften, which allows the volume in the implant to look more tear-drop-shaped. In my experience, in thin patients, for the first few weeks/months, the 410's can look very different from how they eventually end up looking. It's really hard, but try to be patient and follow your doctor's advice about the bra and not massaging. So much will change in the next few months. Keep us posted. Sincerely, Dr. Weintraub

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Tear drop implants

The 410 implants are shaped devices and have a textured surface.  These implants are placed in a very precise pocket and we do not want them to be massaged after surgery.  This will prevent them from rotating or otherwise becoming positioned incorrectly.  The bra acts like a splint to support the breast and implant.  The bra will not prevent the scar tissue around the implant (called the capsule) from softening or the implants from "dropping".  The process just takes longer with these implants, but they result in beautiful breast shape over time.  Hang in there and be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Best wishes.

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Shaped Implants


Thank you for the question. Your support bra is meant to be gentle support for your breast implants while the precisely created pockets they are in heal. Massage for these implants could put them at risk of shifting or turning in the pocket . Follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions to take good care of your new breasts as they heal.

All the best

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Implant position

Dear Mill8817
Unfortunately I can not tell you anything from your photograph. Tear drop shaped implants do not need to massaged and they are supposed to stay in their position the way they are placed originally. Therefore, they are far less likely to move down at 6 weeks out. Discusse with your surgeon. Good luck. 

Neil T. Chen, MD
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