Should I get revision after 3 weeks or will my nostrils still shrink? (Photos)

Hi! When I went to my surgeon the only thing I asked was alarplasty because my nostrils was big,he suggested to put a bridge but the focus would be on the nostrils after 7 days of surgery, the cast was off, I noticed that my nostrils are still big, he said he didn't do alar to avoid scars if i'm not happy after 2 more weeks he will operate and do alar on my nose. Will my nostrils still shrink?

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Nostrils too big

I would discuss this with your surgeon and make him aware that you are in no hurry to do the nostril surgery.  I generally wait 4-6 months to revise any nose surgery since your nose is still healing now and there is residual swelling that will change with time.  Correcting too soon may risk having the nostrils not be in proportion with the final result.  Discuss this with your surgeon since it is impossible to make concrete recommendations based on a single paragraph online. Good luck

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