Are there any effective treatments for pitted/indented scars on nose, dilated stretched pores, and old piercing scars? (photo)

Within the last 18 months I have developed a hole on the bridge of my nose, I don't remember how it got there but it looks like a very large pore, it's extremely noticeable and I hate it, it fills up with sebum as well. I've rarely seen anyone else with this problem. I also have a new acne scar from a cyst that I stupidly asked my aesthetician to pop, I now have a large indent. I also have piercing scars on both sides of my nose. Are there any possible effective treatments to improve my scars?

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Acne Scars -- Fraxel, Venus Viva, Infini/Intensif; Microneedling with PRP; Fillers like Bellafill; Subcision; TCA cross; Punch

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I suggest you see an expert for an evaluation, this area can be treated with a combination approach.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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