Bariatric sleeve leak?

OK so I've made a big life decision. I'm having gastric sleeve surgery next month. I was browsing the Internet and ran across a video on YouTube that scared me. The lady in the video had the gastric sleeve Sx and ended up with a leak five weeks after surgery. She states that she followed dr's directions but still had a leak. My question, is that the surgeons fault or the patient's? And if I did end up with a leak what are the chances of surviving that?

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It happens

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Sleeves leak because the body doesn't  heal the staple line.  The staple line keeps the stomach together until the body heals the stomach.  It is sixty per cent healed at six weeks so you can have a leak happen anytime from early to a month. It isn't anyone's fault. Most do well with a leak - it does mean more operations and procedures.  Good luck - a leak is a complication that can occur anywhere from one per cent to three per cent depending on which studies you look at. 

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