Reccuring Lipoma?

Had large lipoma size of melon removed from under arm 9 years ago. 2 years ago had same on removed and this time was size of large potatoe. This last one caused lots of pain was on nerve and blood vessel. After 2nd surgery was told couldnot get entire thing to high up in shoulder plus had to remove lymph node because enlarged from tumor. Having lots of nerve issues and pain again. What can I do to rid of this thing once and for all.

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Lipomas reoccur

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surgery is the treatment of choice for definitive removal.  I believe that in most cases the lipoma does not actually re-occur, but rather there can be new ones in the immediate area.  I would suggest that you return to your original surgeon and discuss your concerns.  In the area you described, there are indeed many nerves etc.  sometimes the best choice is to not operate.

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