Is it normal to have a scar in the middle of your eye after cataract surgery?

My mom has a scar and it sometimes bothers her. She says she feels she has something in her eye, like when you have an eyelash floating around. The doctor told her this scar would never go away. She did have complications after surgery and it took her over a month to recover. One of the biggest problems was feeling pressure in her eye.

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We would really need a lot more information to answer the question fully however the "scar' may simply be the area where the incision was possibly made into clear cornea. Although true it does not resolve, most people are not bothered by it. One of the interesting things about the corneal incision is that is can cause significant dry eye especially for the first year because corneal nerves are cut during the creation of the incision. Therefore I let my patients know that they may experience dry eye and need to use artificial tears for up to one year after surgery from dry eye experienced after cataract surgery.

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