Questions re: Anchor Technique and post op procedures after Breast Lift/Reduction.

I had a breast reduction/lift on Mon. My PS did an anchor scar; her technique seems larger then normal. She cut me from the top of my breasts cleavage all the way around the entire breasts. Should I be concerned? Was sent home in a surgical bra w/ gauze; padding over nipples, steri-strips weren't applied. Went to see my PS today ( 4 days post op) got my drains removed and was told I could now wear a sports bra forgot to ask about steri strips, should I have these on incisions to help healing?

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Post-op dressings after breast reduction

Surgeons differ in their preferences in terms of using steri strips or not. It will not harm you or affect your results if you don't have them, so do not worry. The theory is that they can help protect the incision or help keep tension off of the wound while it's healing. If you are really worried about this, I would bring it up with your surgeon. 

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Questions re: Anchor Technique and post op procedures after Breast Lift/Reduction.

The issues with your questions! No posted before or early after photos. So very hard to respond to the incision length issues. Why not place a phone call to your chosen operative surgeon to ask about the steri strip tapes?  In my private practice I remove these tapes very early, other PSs leave them on....

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