Larger Protruding Tummy After Extended Capital I Tummy Tuck. What do you think of my results? (photo)

I had an extended tummy tuck that resulted in a capital I incision and took off 7.3 lbs of skin and fat. However at 7 weeks I still feel like I am too big and did not get the results I wanted. Does this look like swelling or residual fat and these are my results? For the amount of surgery, money and incision I have I feel it should've been smaller. I wasn't expecting FLAT but I didn't want to look pregnant and I am not sure if I should still hope that this will go down or just learn to accept it.

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7 weeks

From evaluating the before photo, I suspect that your outcome was limited by the size of your abdominal cavity.  If a surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles excessively, this will compromise the blood flow to the abdominal organs, leading to catastrophe. 

Only weight loss by medical or surgical means can reduce the size of the abdominal cavity enough to achieve an outcome closer to what you held as a goal.

I suspect you will have some improvement over the next month or so, but a flat abdomen was not a realistic expectation. A nice improvement, which seems to have been achieved, was more realistic.

All the best. 

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Protruding Abdomen after TT

There is no substitute for a hands on exam, but I can offer two explanations here.  One is that you appear to have a good amount of internal fat around your organs that cannot be addressed by anything other than diet.  It limits what can be done surgically.  Second is the fact that you are only 7 weeks post-op which is not that long in the scheme of things.  Your swelling will continue to go down slowly for up to a year.  Even at 6 months you will look much different than you do today.  The extra incisions down the midline may prolong the swelling a little, but you are just starting your overall recovery.  Be patient.

Lori H. Saltz, MD
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Swelling after a tummy tuck

I do not typically perform the procedure that you had. Usually my incisions are limited to a transverse lower incision or an inverted T incision. At seven weeks postop patients can still have swelling and may see some improvement over the next couple months. More incisions may lead to a more prolonged drainage of excess fluid and it may take longer for your swelling to resolve. Certainly a revision or repeat surgery would not be appropriate for up to six months.

Terrence Murphy, MD
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