I have large wrinkles around my eyes 8 days after a profactional laser treatment for wrinkles around my eyes. why?

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Swelling after laser resurfacing of eyelids

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Your doctor should evaluate you to see if this is normal swelling or if it could be a contact dermatitits from a topical agent you are using to help healing. Swelling can last for a couple of weeks and can look worse in the morning from lying down through the night which pools the fluids near the eyelids.  The redness and swelling could be an allergic reaction though and if you are experiencing stinging or itching, that may confirm it. Please have your doctor follow up with you.

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Call your doctor

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Most likely, these lines are from normal drainage of lymphatic fluid from the area treated above the eye..gravity moves the fluid to the lower eye area, and then eventually away from the area entirely. However, 8 days seems a little long, so I would call your doctor and review your post-treatment regimen to see if there is a topical agent that can be prescribed to accelerate the healing process.

Christine Glavey, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

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