Why do I have large soft tissue area under right eye 6 months after upper & lower eyelid surgery.

Called 6 weeks after surgery & inquired about soft Tissue raised area under my right eye & doctor said it was my body's reaction. Going to get 2nd opinion. Dr did no follow up after stitches removed. Like a pocket going 1/2 way across under my eye.

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Swelling under eye after surgery

Jackiejj, There is no way of answering your question without photos or ideally and exam. Six weeks isn't too long and the swelling may be nothing to worry about. Nothing wrong with seeking another opinion. Best thing would be to get your surgeon to look at you and tell you what he believes is going on. Good luck!

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Soft Tissue under Eye After Blepharoplasty

A picture and the approach used for your lower blepharoplasty would be helpful to answer your question.  The 2 most common reasons why you have excess tissue could be:

1)  Excess fat that was not removed from the surgery

2)  Inflammation

I believe you are wise to seek an in person evaluation.  

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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