Large Silicone Chin Implant Removed 1.5yrs Ago...Can Damage Be Undone? (photo)

The wound failed to close/heal properly and the implant was removed 3 weeks later. I was left with ~20% loss in lower lip/muscle function, no nerve damage. I cannot curl my lower lip fully anymore, my chin pad is bulbous, and there are strange creases when I frown. I am now having an XL implant installed (in addition to neck lipo). Why did this happen? Is there any hope of repositioning the muscle/fixing the problem if I choose to the intraoral route again? Otherwise I will just go submental.

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Submental Route for New Chin Implant

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Avoid the intraoral route so you do not make things worse. Ue a submental approach this time and allow the volume of the new chin implant to fix much of the skin laxity problem. Some of the muscular problems will not be able to be improved.

Chin deformity

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Sounds like you have tissue laxity from the pocket which failed to shrink down completely after removal of the old implant. When I remove a large implant I usually take out pieces of the capsule so the pocket can shrink and stick down to the bone. However if you are having a new implant placed it may solve most of your problems. I would stick to a submental approach which for many reasons is preferable over the intra-oral approach. It is almost impossible to fix the muscles against the bone again either intraoral or submental.

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