Large scar from stitches opening up. What can be done? (photo)

When I was five years old I had a birthmark removed from my lower back but four days after the surgery I fell onto my back and all the stitches opened. After being rushed to the ER the doctors said they couldn't restitch the wound so they just bandaged the huge hole in my back and let it heal. The surgeon that did the surgery said the scar could be removed one day but it has grown with me. What can be down to lessen the size of the scar? It is 4in length at most and 2 inches wide at most I'm 16.

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Fraxel laser is a great option for scar improvement

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Several treatments with a non-ablative fractional laser such as Fraxel re:store or an ablative fractional laser such as Fraxel Re:pair can significantly improve the appearance of scars - improved texture, color, blending with surrounding skin, softness can all be seen. The scar will be diminished in appearance but will not disappear and will never look just like your normal skin.

Another option is to have it surgically removed but that will also leave a scar which may benefit from Vbeam pulsed dye laser and/or fractional laser treatments. Also given the large size of the scar, this would be a very large surgery and one that is very likely to leave a large scar.

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