Large Round Bulge Below Belly Button After Muscle Repair?

I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair November 2011. My belly seemed to start out flat, but 8 month later, it feels like I have a grapefruit below my belly button where the repair was. I had the tummy tuck to get rid of the bulge, but now I have a new one. I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem. Will it soften up, or is this it? My doctor vaguely mentioned that it will soften up, but I feel he was trying to ignore it.

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Large Round Bulge Below Belly Button After Muscle Repair

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  I am going to assume that you haven't had a major weight gain as I respond. Since the contour seems to have been corrected early on, it may that the "muscle repair" has broken down, either because the sutures pulled apart, or because the abdominal contents have stretched out the repaired abdomen. Other possibilities include a fluid collection (blood or serum), but I couldn't explain why this would only become apparent now, after eight months. I cannot tell from the narrative what there is to "soften up"  It there something firm?


You will get more useful responses if you could attach some photos. Best would be pre-op, early post-op when you felt you were well corrected, and now.


Thanks for your good question and best wishes.


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