Large Pores, Redness, Acne Scars on Face - Most Effective Treatments?

I have large pores, redness and moderate acne scarring on my face. I had fractional Co2 laser last summer (aggressive - 1 week recovery), which did not produce noticeable improvement regarding pores and scarring. What would be the most effective treatments for these issues?

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Fraxel Re:Pair C02 Laser Treatment

Which fractional C02 laser treatment did you receive? Though lasers such as Matrix and Fraxel re:pair are similar, results may still differ slightly. Also, there’s a chance you need an additional ablative fractional laser treatment. Laser treatments stimulate new collagen production to alleviate unevenness, dark spots, acne scars and more. One treatment may not have been enough to resolve the issues with your pores, scarring and redness.

You can also try Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927, which is a non-ablative laser. These treatments aggravate the skin’s surface and slightly below that surface rather vaporizing skin to improve or eradicate imperfections. To achieve the best results, you would need three to five treatments session with two to four week intervals.


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