What Can I Do About Large Open Pores and Oily Skin?

Have been using retina for 6 mths at night time,and have been really happy with how my skin is improving.Had the usual side effects to begin with redness,peeling and a few out breaks,that have settled mostly.But about a week go noticed my skin was extremly shiny and pores huge Am not sure what to do as my skin doest look good at all.

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Oily Skin Remedies

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Many patients who are using Retin A for over 6 months and still find their skin oily and pores enlarged may be able to tolerate a higher % dose.  Others find benefit in adding an astringent or toner to their regimen as well as increasing the number of times during the day an oil free wash is utilized.  As always, I recommend having a board certified dermatologist evaluate your skin and recommend a skin care regimen unique to your individual condition.

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