Best Way to Remove Large Neck Lipoma?

I have a large lipoma (about 4 in.), on the left side of my neck. What would be my best option to remove it? It's obviously a major eyesore, but I wonder if the risk, being that it's on the neck, of removal outweigh the benefit. Please help.

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Removing large neck lipoma

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Once you can establish for sure that it is a lipoma then the best way is to remove it with liposuction so the scarring is minimal. This can be done only if the lipoma is in superficial tissues, which most lipomas are.

MRI can help confirm the mass is a lipoma.


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You need a plastic surgeon or an ENT surgeon

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What you have is probably benign but should be removed because it will not get smaller over time and may grow making its removal more difficult.  A preop MRI would be good to determine its depth and if any deeper structures are involved.  I do not recommend liposuction of lipomas.

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