How Large Can my Breasts Be After Reduction? (photo)

My details.. I am 5'10" and I weigh 213lbs. I carry a lot of muscle on my frame. I recently lost 25 pounds and I will probably lose 15-20 more. Historically, my weight does not affect the size of my breasts much. My bra size is is between a 34 and 36H. I have shoulder pain and a dislocated clavicle. My concern is that I have a small rib cage, but I am tall. Can I still stay around a 34D or DD and receive the benefits of the reduction? I want to keep my curviness.

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Breast Size After Reduction

Since you are an H cup right now, it may be hard to get any smaller than a D or DD cup after surgery. The medical studies on breast reduction suggest that you would have an improvement with breast reduction surgery but neither the final cup size nor complete resolution of all symptoms can be guaranteed. This is one of those things that you need to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

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How Large Can my Breasts Be After Reduction? (photo)

From your description and posted photo you need more a lift than reduction or a Reduction/Lift. Best to be seen by 3 boarded PSs in your area to discuss in person. 

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Can I still stay around a 34D or DD and receive the benefits of the reduction?

As regards :"Can I still stay around a 34D or DD and receive the benefits of the reduction?" - that would depend on WHO is paying for your operation.

YOU PAY - As the one paying for the surgery, YOU get to dictate the amount of breast tissue removed. A good Plastic surgeon can minimally or radically reduce the weight of the breasts and make them perkier. In general, IF your symptoms and complaints are related to your large breasts, keeping the breast very large promises to be a short term solution as your breasts would sag again. Maybe a reduction to a full C-type cup would be more realistic as a long term improvement.

INSURANCE PAYS - Medical insurance companies will NOT be for Breast Lifts or "Mini" Breast Reduction surgery. If your symptoms "My bra size is is between a 34 and 36H. I have shoulder pain and a dislocated clavicle", they may insist your surgeon remove at least 500 grams from each side and often more. For the surgeon and hospital to be compensated, your surgeon would have to prove he removed the (larger) volume indicated by your insurance company.

Either way, the procedure can be done via a short scar technique and avoid the long transverse scar.

Good Luck

Peter a Aldea, MD

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Size after breast reduction

Your surgeon has the capability to remove skin and volume during breast reduction.  You should be able to maintain any size you want; a significant relief will derive from the lift (tailoring of the skin).  Discuss your goals with your surgeon.  Your breast shape will always resemble what you have now to some degree (but higher on your chest) due to your particular anatomy and skin elasticity.

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Breast Reduction

Dear Want to be,

It is certainly possible to decrease your breast size to a D or DD.  You should expect a very nice result using a vertical reduction technique.  The scar would be a lollilop scar.  Consultation with a plastic surgeon will answer any questions that you may have.  Good luck!


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Curvy after breast reduction

If you still want to be large after a breast reduction, get a cosmetic lift with a small reduction. It will improve your symptoms by placing your breast up and back onto your chest and make them somewhat smaller. It is likely that your insurance company will not pay for this if not enough tissue is removed. However, chosing to have it done as a cosmetic procedure, let's you pick the size that you want to be.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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"Perky" Breasts After a Breast Reduction

Thank you for your photograph and question.  There is no doubt that you could have your breast size reduced and lifted.  For most women  this is both an improvement in appearsnce as well as in comfort.  If you are quite concerned that your final outcome might be smaller than you are comfortable with, you may want to wait until you have come closer to your dieting goal before having the surgery.  Either way, you can have a good outcome.  I never promise a certain bra size since that is not standardized and can lead to miscommunication.  However, I think if you were to see a group of before and after photos from your plastic surgeon you could get a good sense of the possibilities for yourself.

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Size after breast reduction

In my opinion and experience, the female chest is "designed" to handle an A, B, or C sized breast without problems or debilities.  D cup or larger size breast is out of proportion and can cause various physical problems and debility with or without bra support. Therefore to address physical signs and symptoms it would seem logical to reduce the breast to at least a full C cup size. If you have your reduction procedure covered by insurance as medically necessary, then they can dictate whether you can have the procedure, how much reduction qualifies, and indirectly what size you can end up with. If you cover the procedure yourself as cosmetic then you can agree with your surgeon on the size to end up with or even just a lift with no removal of breast tissue. 

I doubt liposuction of the breast will be satisfactory. Liposuction is not a true reduction and fat has little weight. It also doesn't lift the breast. The amount of fat present for removal and the resulting size is very hard to gauge. The only advantage is no significant scar.

I would recommend treating it as a cosmetic issue and agreeing with the experienced plastic surgeon as to the degree of lift and reduction. This should be quite feasible with a vertical (lollipop) incision approach. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
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Breast reduction

An exam would help delineate how much weight can be removed to decide the approximate volume left over after the procedure.  It is quite possible to leave enough to keep you a "D"ish cup.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Scarless breast reduction

given your size and up and down history look into the liposuction only reduction. much simpler and safer to go to throug than a full standard reduction and it might give you everything you need at this point in your life. it is not for everyone but it is worth considering.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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