How Much is Large Mole Removal Done by a Plastic Surgeon on the Face? (photo)

I've had this mole for about 15 years since I was a small child. I have always been afraid to remove it, but was told by my dermatologist that it would be fine to keep. Now I am looking to have it removed but am worried about the cost. I was told by the same dermatologist that if I wanted it removed I would need to see a cosmetic surgeon. Is that correct? How much, roughly, will the procedure cost? I'm still afraid to have it done but its lowering my self esteem and I'd like to have it gone.

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Cost for large mole removal on face

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You can either see a dermatologic surgeon, a plastic surgeon, or a dermatologist who is also a Mohs surgeon. Some dermatologists aren't as comfortable with facial removals like this, but usually dermatologists who are also Mohs surgeons will have a vast experience with facial reconstructions and suturing to minimize scarring. The procedure cost will vary, depending on how the procedure is done and who you see, but in my office the charge would be about $300.

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