Large Lumps After Cellulaze?

I am 22 days after a re-touch Cellulaze and have lumps like never before, first procedure that is. There are several, one the size of a golf ball. They are hard so not a Seroma, it is induration for sure. Dr says massage area and I am wearing my compression garment still. Any suggestions out there? Dr is an hour and a half away so it's is a 3 hour ride to keep going back. I am scheduled again at the 6 week marker.

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Post Cellulaze

Hello. In my plastic surgery practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, we encourage all Cellulaze patients to have either lymphatic drainage massage and/or Velashape treatments beginning as early as 3 week after the procedure. We have found it definitely helps break up scar tissue, speeds recovery and patients are uniformly happy with the results. This of course will need to be supplemented with massage on your own of the treated areas on a daily basis. Best of luck, Dean Vistnes.

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Large lumps after Cellulaze

It's not uncommon to have mild induration and small lumps during early post treatment period. Large painful lumps are uncommon and may represent fat necrosis. It's best to have your surgeon check on it. Massage therapy and compression garment should help but you should have your surgeon examine these lumps.

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Treating Cellulaze side effects

It is best to follow up with your surgeon immediately to find out how your body is healing. Also it is very important to wear the compression garment for the time your surgeon suggested.

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Treating lumps after cellulaze

Thank you for your question. Hard lumps are not common or a known complication after cellulaze. This could be a result of what is known as fat necrosis.  Also cellulaze is designed as a one time treatment. Sounds like you had a couple of treatments (which is possible) although the results might no be as predictable and had not been studied in depth just yet as it is a new technology. I can recommend a treatment form the line LoveMyBody called The Fitting Room which is a topical treatment for cellulite and comes with a roller that can help smooth out those lumps. With time should also get better. 

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