Large Lump on my Nipple 2 Years After Implants

I got a large lump that is very painful on my nipple where my incision was. I have had it checkout by breastcare specialist and according to the dr it is nothing to worry about and just due to getting implants. Is this normal, the lump is very painful and you cannot even touch my breast.

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Painful lump on areola augmentation incision 2 years later is NOT "normal."

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With all due respect to your "breastcare specialist," a very painful large lump on your incision line this far out from surgery may well be due to your surgery, but "nothing to worry about" may simply mean "Not cancer." However, it IS something, and something that requires follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Possible causes are a blocked duct causing a milk or fluid cyst, sebaceous cyst or blocked Montgomery's tubercle, intraductal papilloma, or something else entirely. Without seeing you, none of us on-line consultants can do anything but guess, which is why you should be examined by someone who is able to tell you what you have, and determine the best way to deal with it (probably a small, local anesthesia, insurance-covered in-office procedure).

Don't put up with placating platitudes; go see your plastic surgeon now (and then take the time to tell that "breastcare specialist" what he or she failed to properly diagnose and treat!)

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This is a problem that must be solved.  If its painful, get it taken care of.  Your insurance will cover almost certainly...99% likely.   It could be a cyst or fibroma in the surure line or in the breast tissue itself.   Hopefully you have had a mammogram.   Go to a plastic surgeon.  Got to a general surgeon.  This needs operated and corrected.  It is something to care for when it is painful.  Possibly this will be solved without even disturbing the implant.

Evalute the breast lump!!

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As all have said, the existence of a painful breast lump after augmentation is absolutely NOT NORMAL and must be evaluated and defined.  There are many things it can be and you are in an area with many fantastic plastic surgeons.  If yours is no longer there, go to another and have this dealt with, probably needs excision.

Painful Lump In Incision Line 2 Years After Breast Augmentation

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As all the other expert plastic surgery consultants from Real Self have already stated, having a painful lump around your areola 2 years after breast augmentation is not normal, and your breastcare specialist should have referred you to a general/plastic surgeon for evlauation and treatment.  Dr. Tholen has done his usual excellent job of outlining for you some of the possible diagnoses for your lump, but no matter what the diagnosis, we all agree that surgical intervention at this point is appropriate.  You should not put up with the pain and you should get rid of this lump sooner rather than later. 

Lump not to be ignored

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After two years it's not normal to have a lump at the areolar incision,  specially if it's so tender as you described.

There are many conditions that could be causing this and the correct and adequate disgnosis needs to be done by the appropriate physician

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No such thing as a "Normal Painful Breast Mass".

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A large painful lump near the nipple is not normal. Although many things may be causing this (phlebitis, inflamed duct, etc), it is important to have this evaluated properly to make sure this is not cancer. A physcial exam, history, and likely a mammogram or ultrasound is warranted. Too many women are told to ignore symptomatic lesions as "something from your previous surgery." At 2 years out from breast augmentation surgery, this is not normal. You need to ignore the "breastcare specialist", not the mass and  have this investigated further.

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Breast lump

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A breast lump like the one you're describing, could possibly be a ripple in the implant shell.  Your breastcare specialist likely determined that it is not cancer.  You should talk to your plastic surgeon who would be able to tell you if what you are feeling is an implant fold that is just under the skin and for that reason it is easy to see/feel.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Breast lumps with breast implants are never normal

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A tender breast lump under the nipple by your incision two years after breast augmentation can be several things, however it is never normal. A lump in the breast always deserves an evaluation, exam, mammogram, ultrasound, aspiration, biopsy, whatever is needed to determine the cause. Don't worry is a poor explanation, and patients with breast implants do not suffer from tender breast lumps. Better pursue things further.

Best of luck,


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