Large Lump in Cheek 1 Month After Fat Graft

I am 1 month post-op, and this past week a very large lump presented itself with the inner cheek area (closest to nose). It is so prominent that it creates an indention on the side of it, which is extremely noticable when I smile. Why did this lump suddenly appear after 1 month? If this area is overfilled/improperly placed, when can I take steps to correct it? I am getting married in 8 months. Thank you for your time.

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Large lump after fat injection

it is rare for fat to migtrate after the fat injections. Cysts can form in the center of a large depot of fat that was injected or the fat can move possibly from muscle contraction if the fat hasn't had a chance to fix itself by collagen attachments to the surrounding area. finally, it is possible that an abscess has developed and it may need to be drained and you may need antibiotics. see your doctor.

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Large lump in cheek 1 month after fat graft

Return to injecting surgeon ASAP for treatment of this delayed fat necrosis, fat cyst, or sterile fat abscess. The easiest treatment is injection of a steroid, otherwise Smart lipo of excision are my next choices. Best of Luck.

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Cause of lumps one months after fat grafting, injection

From your description, it is diffcult to determine what is the cause for your delayed presentation. It is best to discuss this with your surgeon to determine if it is an infection or fat necrosis.

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