Could a Large Lipoma Be Removed From Over My Spine?

Could a Large Lipoma Be Removed That is Lying over the Top of my Spine? I am worried that it might be surrounding the nerves or too near the nerves of my spine for removal....most doctors do not want to do anything about it. I have now begun to have alot of back and hip pain since this lipoma is quite large and makes my spine look like it is deformed.

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Lipoma of the back

Most lipomas are in the subcutaneous space. very few are intramuscular and very few are deeper. If there is any question as to the level of the lipoma a CT Scan or MRI will define the position and if it is the cause of your pain.

If it really is impenging on the nerve then you need a full work up to make sure it is a lipoma, and may be a biobsy before embaking on excision.

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