Need a Large Lipoma On My Back Removed. 3 Doctors = 3 Recommendations, What to do?

My lipoma on my back partially touching my spine. It has grown to 6cm across and 8cm high with an estimated 1 inch depth. My GP suggested I get it removed in office by a General Surgeon. My Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon, said he could remove it in office under local. A General Surgeon said he would do it by excision as an outpatient at the hospital with local & partial sedation so I wouldn't be nervous. Plastic Surgeon said no excision, do Lipo under general anesthesia. What to do?

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Lipoma confusion

First, yours is a large lipoma, though there are ones much bigger.  The first recommendation to forget is having a Dermatologist do this.  They are not "surgeons" and have no formal training to take this on.  The second piece of advice to skip is the plastic surgeon who would lipo this.  This will result is a subtotal removal, possible to probable recurrence, and will destroy the architecture which would prevent a pathologist from being able to rule out a rare liposarcoma which is a cancer that looks like a lipoma.  I would also not be as excited about a general surgeon doing this.  The best plan in my opinion (but one which you haven't gotten yet) is to have a plastic surgeon do a formal open removal.

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